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Bring your suppliers on your net zero journey
Supplier engagement is one of the most critical elements of net zero.

Over 80% of a business’ carbon footprint is typically from their purchased goods and services within their supply chain (also known as 'scope 3').

In this session, representatives from Aklimate, MSQ, Coriolis, and EcoHedge will provide practical advice for tech companies on how to map their scope 3 emissions, and how to go about reducing them. They'll identify where businesses can have the most impact in their supply chain, and how to approach and work with their suppliers to reach net zero.


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Mark Fischel
Co-founder @Aklimate
Mark Fischel is one of the founders of Aklimate. Aklimate provides software to help procurement teams engage their suppliers at scale to measure, reduce and report their carbon emissions. They are on the current batch of the Silicon-Valley based accelerator, Y Combinator. Prior to Aklimate, Mark worked at Mastercard on predictive modelling, big data, and calculating the carbon associated with individual financial transactions.
James Cannings
James co-founded MMT Digital in 1999, and has since grown it to be one of the UK's leading technical agencies. In 2019 he took the company carbon negative, and aim to halve their carbon footprint over the next 4 years and have Science Based Targets in place for 2030. In 2020, when MMT Digital became part of MSQ, James helped them become carbon negative across their entire global operations. He is now the group’s Chief Sustainability Officer, alongside his role as co-chair of the BIMA Sustainability Council. Through his low-carbon website “The Green Pages”, developed with the BIMA Council, he also supports teams in how to build lower carbon digital solutions. He runs a free e-Learning course for SMEs, showing them how to model and reduce their carbon footprints using the tools and processes he developed. (https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/how-to-measure-reduce-and-offset-your-companys-carbon-footprint)
Dr. Rebecca Harding
CEO @Coriolis
Dr. Rebecca Harding is one of the most respected international economists today specialising in trade, the future of supply chains, and the workings of trade finance. She is CEO of Coriolis Technologies, providing Data As a Service to the trade finance sector. In this role she was nominated to the Women in FinTech Powerlist in 2017. Rebecca is co-author of the much acclaimed The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of Policy and Economics, now a benchmark for US EXIM Competitiveness reports. Rebecca speaks on investment, employment, inflation, and the prospects for economies around the world.
Sindhuja Kanteti
Co-founder @EcoHedge
Sindhuja Kanteti is co-founder of EcoHedge, the platform that identifies, calculates & categorizes value chain emissions automatically to make carbon accounting fast, accurate and human-friendly.